5083 aluminium marine

Common aluminum plate state of 5083 aluminium marine

5083 aluminium marine is one of the 8 series. The purchasers of many companies are already dazzled when facing these grades. What makes them even more desperate is the aluminum plate of each grade. Depending on the processing technology, it can Subdivided into several different states, such as H, O, W, etc. What do these states mean, and what conditions do they represent? Let Mingtai Aluminum tell you.

There are 5 main states of 5083 aluminium marine, namely: O state, W state, T state, H state and F state.

O state: O state refers to the fully annealed state, which is suitable for products that have undergone complete annealing to obtain the lowest strength.
W state: W state refers to the state of solution heat treatment, which is an unstable state, which only means that the 5083 aluminium marine is in the natural aging stage after solution heat treatment.

5083 aluminium marine

T state: T state refers to a stable aluminum sheet product after heat treatment. A number must be added after T to indicate the degree of heat treatment (or no treatment). Common T states include T5 (artificial aging after high temperature forming), T6 (artificial aging after solution heat treatment), T651 (X51 refers to the elimination of internal stress, and the aluminum plate that eliminates internal stress is not easily deformed during processing).

H state: H state refers to the state of work hardening, which is suitable for 5083 aluminium marine products whose strength has been increased through work hardening. Common H states are H1X (1 means work hardening, the following number refers to the degree of work hardening), H2X (2 means incomplete annealing after processing, and the following number refers to the degree of annealing), H3X (3 means low temperature annealing after processing, and the following The number refers to the degree of annealing), H111 (appropriate work hardening after annealing, but the degree of hardening is not as high as H11), H112 (the free processing state of hot-rolled plates, specifically refers to products formed by hot processing), etc.

F state: F state refers to the aluminum plate that has special requirements for work hardening and heat treatment conditions during the product forming process. Because the production conditions may be different, there is no performance requirement for the 5083 aluminium marine in the F state.