5mm 5083 marine alloy strength

Upgrade 5mm 5083 marine alloy strength production process

1. Melting and casting process The ultimate goal of the casting process is to produce aluminum rods that meet the requirements, and to produce these aluminum rods, it must go through the process: melting
2. Extrusion process: Extrusion preparation before pressing, stretching and straightening, sawing the finished product, framing and trimming
3. Aging process: cooling after solution heat treatment to achieve high strength. No cold working. After solution heat treatment, it is cooled to achieve high strength. Then it is cold drawn by a drawing machine to eliminate the residual internal stress after heat treatment, and it will not deform after further processing to ensure 5mm 5083 marine alloy strength and precision of machined products.

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Ensure the surface quality requirements of 5mm 5083 marine alloy strength

It is necessary to ensure that the surface of 5mm 5083 marine alloy strength is allowed to repair defects within the thickness difference under normal circumstances
2. The surface of the board must be clean, no cracks and other oxidizing substances are allowed
3. Process package aluminum thick plate is allowed to have the part of the coating layer and air bubbles
4. Others are mainly formulated according to customers’ own requirements.

Guarantee the packaging requirements of 5mm 5083 marine alloy strength. Now, let’s talk about the precautions in aluminum sheet packaging and transportation:

Guarantee 5mm 5083 marine alloy strength First of all, according to customer needs, the thermal insulation aluminum coil can be packaged in multiple pieces or divided into small rolls. The manufacturer must ask the customer to facilitate the construction and use of the customer; when dividing into small rolls, conditions are available. It is best to line the paper core to prevent small rolls from deforming or bending due to squeezing; the aluminum roll should be sealed with plastic cloth, and the seal should be sealed with transparent tape to prevent water vapor from entering and causing corrosion and discoloration of the aluminum roll; use thick paper for outer packaging The shell is tightly packed, and if conditions permit, a layer of kraft paper can be added between the plastic cloth and the paper shell to increase the protection effect; the packed aluminum coil is placed on a wooden pallet and reinforced with steel tape.

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The second is how to ensure 5mm 5083 marine alloy strength during transportation. When loading the cabinet, do not allow the aluminum coil 5mm 5083 marine alloy to be squeezed, especially small coils, which are prone to bend or collapse and affect normal use; although they are tightly packaged, they will inevitably be damaged during loading and transportation. Therefore, be careful not to splash the aluminum coil with water to prevent water from entering the aluminum coil; do not place objects on the aluminum coil, especially the small coil without a paper core, which is easily deformed and affects construction.

In many cases, aluminum sheets and aluminum coils are damaged due to improper production, packaging and transportation, affecting normal use, which not only affects the reputation of aluminum sheet manufacturers, but also delays the customer’s construction period, causing a lot of inconvenience.
With all the preparations through the above measures, 5mm 5083 marine alloy strength and other properties can be guaranteed.