6063 aluminium marine grade

Generally, 6063 aluminium marine grade can be divided into high-purity thermal insulation aluminum plate and alloy aluminum plate according to the alloy classification. The 6063 aluminium marine grade plate often used in ships has a certain anti-rust function, and will be more durable and durable in terms of service life. .

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6063 aluminium marine grade is widely used in shipboard and architectural decoration due to its diverse colors, beautiful appearance, and strong decorative properties. As a new type of thermal insulation material, thermal insulation aluminum plate has many advantages such as rain resistance, impact resistance, and long service life. .

6063 aluminium marine grade is not easy to fall off and loose like other insulation materials. It can be tightly bonded to the exterior decoration materials. With the effect of the layer, it can resist acid rain, corrosion, and effectively resist ultraviolet rays for a long time. use.

6063 aluminium marine grade is easy to process and light in weight.

6063 aluminium marine grade is easy to process and light in weight. It can be quickly processed and formed in the factory through an assembly line. It is convenient and quick to install for the construction party. It can greatly reduce manpower and material costs and shorten the construction period. It is a rare new type of building insulation material. Traditional thermal insulation materials and thermal insulation aluminum plates have high recycling value, which can save a lot of resources and avoid waste.

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6063 aluminium marine grade will not melt when exposed to high temperatures, but forms a porous char with less smoke and strong resistance to ignition, which resists flame extension; even when the thermal insulation aluminum plate is exposed to fire or high temperature, because of its outstanding insulation function, Only its surface heats up rapidly, it quickly produces chars to resist flame extension and maintains the inner core from burning, showing an effective fire insulation function.

First of all, in terms of price, 6063 aluminium marine grade may be more expensive, but it is naturally the most widely used. It can not only be used in shipbuilding, but also can be competent for ordinary building waterproofing and municipal pipeline insulation and rust prevention projects.