6063 t6 marine grade aluminum

6063 t6 marine grade aluminum belongs to the 6 series aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy. Because of its excellent anti-corrosion and anti-rust function, it is the representative product of aluminum alloy anti-rust aluminum plate.

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The beautiful and practical features are warmly welcomed by manufacturers. However, when we actually use it, we must make targeted selections based on the performance differences of different alloy series. At the same time, we must regularly clean and maintain the surface of the pattern plate.

Anti-rust aluminum plate 6063 t6 marine grade aluminum

Generally speaking, the commonly used 6063 t6 marine grade aluminum anti-rust aluminum sheet is in the state of O, t6, t651, etc. In terms of mechanical properties, the 5086 anti-rust aluminum sheet has a tensile strength σb(MPa): ≥240, and a conditional yield strength σ0. 2(MPa): ≥95, elongation δ10(%): ≥10, elongation δ5(%): ≥12, 6063 anti-rust aluminum alloy represented by aluminum plate.

It has huge development potential in the current marine market such as 6063 t6 marine grade aluminum aluminum sheet for marine use. At present, many domestic aluminum sheet processing enterprises are also increasing this research and development efforts to develop the shipbuilding market for rust-proof aluminum sheets.

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In the development of the international marine economy, the performance of anti-rust aluminum plate 6063 t6 marine grade aluminum and its international certification are one of the important factors restricting the development of domestic aluminum enterprises. On the whole, there are only a few large and powerful manufacturers that have internationally recognized rust-proof aluminum certification, such as Henan Mingtai Aluminum. These large manufacturers have the ability to mass produce 6063 t6 marine grade aluminum. , And has industry-leading production equipment and technology.

Therefore, Mingtai Aluminum is also the object of many anti-rust aluminum plate manufacturers to learn and imitate. These companies have been leading the industry in many aspects, promoting the development of the industry, and providing reliable production and innovation for 6063 t6 marine grade aluminum6 anti-rust aluminum plate. Practice guidance.