Aluminium sheet marine grades

Aluminium sheet marine grades have a broad market. Aluminium sheet marine grades are used to manufacture ships and provide safer, more comfortable and faster maritime transportation services for tourists.

Aluminium sheet marine grades are specially used in sea water, anti-corrosion, specially used in sea water, anti-corrosion; aluminum alloy hull is light in weight, easy to transport and carry. Aluminum alloy boats are lighter than FRP boats. It is more economical and the fuel saving effect is obvious; the life of the aluminum alloy ship hull is 10 times that of the glass fiber reinforced plastic ship; even if the hull is damaged and cannot be used, it can still be recycled as metal. This shows that the aluminum alloy ship market is very extensive.

Aluminium sheet marine grades alloy

The main structure of the ship uses 5083 aluminium sheet and 5086 ship sheet plate, both of which are typical weldable alloys, with high strength, good corrosion resistance and low temperature performance; the upper structure of the hull and the clapboard structure frame can be made of 6061 medium-thick aluminum plate, 6061 aluminium sheet best marine aluminum grades are corrosion-resistant alloys that can be strengthened by heat treatment, with high strength but low weld strength.

Aluminium sheet marine grades
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