best aluminum for marine use

The best aluminum for marine use should be 5083 anti-rust aluminum plate. Aluminum for marine has a good anti-rust function, can adapt to the corrosion of the marine climate, and is often used in some humid and marine environments.

Therefore, aluminum for marine is also called rust-proof aluminum plate, and the product is widely used, especially in the field of marine aluminum plate. Best aluminum for marine use shows great potential and is regarded as the star product of marine aluminum alloy by many manufacturers in the industry.

best aluminum for marine use main alloy state

Best aluminum for marine use is the core product of marine aluminum plates. In shipboard applications, there are mainly O, H111, H112, H116, H321 and other states. The O state is an annealed state and is suitable for processed products that have been fully annealed to obtain the lowest strength.

H111 refers to an appropriate amount of work hardening after the final annealing, but the degree of work hardening is not as good as the H11 state.
H112 refers to products that are suitable for thermal processing and molding. The state of H112 has certain requirements for mechanical properties.
H116 refers to aluminum plates with magnesium content greater than or equal to 4%. It also has certain requirements for the mechanical properties and spalling corrosion resistance of the product. Among marine aluminum plates, products in the state of H111, H112, and H321 are the most widely used. Because of the environmental requirements of the marine field, among many alloy products, the 5-series alloy represented by H321 marine aluminum plate is the most widely used aluminum plate product.

best aluminum for marine use

Among hull materials such as speedboats, aluminum plates have sufficient strength and rigidity, while being able to reduce weight, resist seawater corrosion, and have good weldability. For example, the large anti-submersible wing research ships in the United States and the PTF-class speedboats are all 5-series aluminum-magnesium alloy structures. In 1976, the all-welded aluminum structure of the US Navy also used 5083 aluminum plate and 5456 aluminum alloy as the main materials. Since then, the British and French navies have built aluminum-hull catamarans respectively. In Norway, Sweden, Japan and other countries, aluminum alloy hulls are also popular.

Best aluminum for marine use As a ship transportation material, it can effectively reduce ship weight and increase ship speed. To reduce water resistance, my country’s marine aluminum plate research and development technology is mature, and the ship plate level of the department manufacturers has reached the international advanced level.

Coastal resources are abundant in the world. With the development of economy and trade, the demand for ships is increasing, and transportation materials such as aluminum alloy boats are also developing rapidly. Domestic shipboard manufacturers should seize this opportunity to build the best aluminum for marine use, seize market opportunities and open up the international market for shipboard.