Marine grade aluminium natural in mexico

Marine grade aluminium natural in mexico

Marine grade aluminium natural in mexico – There are two types of aluminum alloy yachts, one is a small yacht, which usually takes four or five people, and the other is a luxury yacht, which can take a dozen people. Under normal circumstances, small yachts are usually in freshwater lakes, marine aluminum plate manufacturer freshwater rivers, and generally do not travel at sea. The material of this kind of yachts is generally made of 5052H32 or 5052 0-state aluminum plates. Because they are in contact with fresh water and are not as corrosive as sea water, they are made of 5052 alloy.

marine grade aluminium natural in mexico

Luxury yachts on the sea are generally made of high-magnesium alloys of Marine grade aluminium natural in mexico, and it have undergone special processing techniques to have good corrosion resistance.

Marine grade aluminium natural in mexico mostly refers to 5-series magnesium aluminum alloy. Custom plate aluminum alloy boats for sale distinguish the models according to the magnesium content, such as: 5052, 5083, etc.; simply understand that 5052 contains less magnesium and has better molding properties and is better for pressing, while 5083 contains magnesium. The high point is more brittle and hard, not suitable for pressing, but 5083 is harder than 5052 and has better corrosion resistance. If it is used in inland freshwater waters, use 5052. If it is used in seawater or highly corrosive waters, 5083 can be used. In order to adapt to the seawater environment and beautiful appearance, 5083 is used for the lower part of the boat (underwater part) and 5052 The upper part of the boat (surface part).

Advanced production equipment-to create the quality of marine aluminum plates. Henan Mingtai has a complete set of advanced equipment for the production of Marine grade aluminium natural in mexico: rough rolling mill, finishing mill, quenching furnace, straightening machine, polishing machine, etc.

Powerful processing capacity-200,000 tons of marine aluminum plates per year to help customers seize the market, authoritative international certification.