Marine grade aluminum in Pakistan factory suppliers

Marine grade aluminum in Pakistan

Marine grade aluminum in Pakistan and marine grade aluminium 5086 with medium strength, good corrosion resistance and formability, high fatigue resistance, generally used as the main structure of the hull. Marine garde aluminum 5052 is also used in hull structures or pressure vessels, pipes, hulls and decks.

The main features of Marine grade aluminum in Pakistan are low density, aluminum foil suppliers high tensile strength and high elongation. The weight of the aluminum-magnesium alloy is lower than that of other alloy series under the same area. Aluminum alloy sheets of different heat treatment conditions are the main materials used in the automobile manufacturing industry (car doors, fuel tanks, seals), shipbuilding and canning industries.

marine grade aluminum in Pakistan

In addition, the magnesium alloy in the Marine grade aluminum in Pakistan has high strength, and the heat-treated alloy has good workability, corrosion resistance and weldability. The price of the general aluminum plate is divided into two parts. The aluminum price plus the processing fee, due to the complicated processing technology, requires high technical and equipment requirements to achieve excellent performance, so the price of the marine grade aluminum 5083 h116 is generally higher.

The selection of Marine grade aluminum in Pakistan is more stringent. At present, most of the aluminum alloy products such as 5083, 5086, 5454 and 5754 are used. In practical applications, the advantages of marine aluminum alloys are very obvious. The first is the small specific gravity, which can reduce the weight of the ship, save energy and increase the load; secondly, it has good corrosion resistance, reduces the cost of oiling and extends the service life; thirdly, Marine grade aluminum in Pakistan has good welding and processing performance, which is good for post-processing; The waste is easy to recycle and can be recycled. At the same time, it does not burn and is safe to fire.